Create Full Screen Background Ads Just Like The Big Boys Do . . .

You’re about to learn how in only a few short minutes you can turn your WordPress website into a cash printing machine . . . by creating full screen background ads that grab attention and virtually beg to be shared!


As an affiliate marketer, how much would you pay for your affiliate links to go viral on social sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus & more?

Think about it . . . .

  • Your Amazon Affiliate sales commissions could sky rocket
  • Your Clickbank links could be hit with huge amounts of major, massive traffic
  • Your product downloads could reach unseen new levels
  • Your Ebay transactions could surge
  • Just to name a few . . .

Not an affiliate marketer? No worries, No problems!

The Big Background Ads Plugin makes it so easy for you to:

  • Sell ad space on your blog – per post, per page, or most any way you like
  • Re-direct traffic back to your most read-about posts or pages
  • Run competitions or promotions
  • Drive viral traffic to your website
  • Get your product or service shared all over the world wide web
  • Drive visitors to your opt ins

What’s it worth to you to have an ad on your WordPress blog go viral . . . ?

Introducing – The Big Background Ads Plugin

BBAP flat 600

Create Full Screen Click-able Ads in Only a Few Minutes!

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

Let’s be totally truthful and cut right to the chase . . . we both know that full screen background ads are nothing new – at least if you’re a big time marketer like MSN, Coke, Apple or Toshiba.

The obstacle is that making big background ads was the domain of the big boys, with all others interested parties being rejected before they could even get a foot in the door . . . Until now, that is.

How Come?

The reason that the major players use full screen ads is because big background ads are a lucrative, high-impact, rich-media way of reaching out to your niche target audiences with a laser-like focus. In other words, big background ads work because they stand out. You probably would not be surprised to learn that the majority of website visitors are “blind” to the usual banner or sidebar adverts that you see on pretty much every other website in the blogosphere.

But Big Full Screen Background Ads are different . . . they make you stop, they make you look, and they just beg you to take action

Our Big Background Ads Plugin makes it easy for you to make your traffic work for you:

  • You can make your big background ads click-able
  • You can choose to have the clicks go to any link that you want them to
  • Your ads could go viral because you let your visitors share on the internet

Take a look at these real life samples of the Big Background Ads Plugin in actual use

sample 1

sample 2

The ways you can monetize your site with the Big Background Ads Plugin are massive, for sure!

Our Big Background Ads Plugin puts you in the driver’s seat by giving you unheard of of flexibility and customization options for your full screen adverts.  For example:

  • Choose exactly where to display ads – have an ad show on every page, just one page or post, or on chosen category – heck, even on your author or archive page
  • Set a start and end date for each ad – perfect for encouraging your visitors to take action today instead of tomorrow
  • User-friendly plugin admin panel lets you easily edit your ads and control where and when you want them to appear
  • Built-in CSS panel lets you control your ad background color and other CSS properties
  • Add a customized message to your share popup – gives your visitors an incentive to click and send your link viral

Ready to Advertise Like The Big Boys Do?

Grab your copy of the Big Background Ads Plugin today!!

Big Background Ads Plugin

I understand I’ll get:

  • The Big Background Ads Plugin for WordPress.
  • How-To Guide and instructional videos with complete information on how to install and use the plugin
  • Ad templates to make setting up my first Viral Ads go smooth and easy
  • The ability to create full screen click-able background ads on my post and pages, and on as many of my own websites as I want to

Not sure if our Big Background Ads Plugin is right for you?

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